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Grading Information

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This courses is a Pass or Fail course. Please note that there are mandatory deliverables due in your assignment folder on dates specified in the schedule. 


These deliverables will be graded with a point system, and the final grade will depend on these points. You will need a Pass grade for the Research Project and for the E-portfolio, to Pass the class.


Research project deliverables and points:

  1. (10 points) PROPOSAL - See proposal template
  2. (10 points) METHODOLOGY - See methodology template.
  3. (20 points) DETAILED OUTLINE with MAPPED RESOURCES/BIBLIOGRAPHY - See detailed outline template.
  4. (80 points) DRAFTS #1 (25 points), # 2 (25 points), and final (30 points) See requirements for drafts and final paper - The drafts will take the structure of the full papers as described in Guidelines for your research project


Total points for research project is 120.

80% <= B < 90%  OR (96 <= B < 108 points)

90% <= A <= 100%  OR (108 <= A <= 120 points)

You will need at least a B to get a PASS on your research project.


E-portfolio deliverables and points:

  1. (5 points) Link and design of e-portfolio site
  2. (10 points) Proper navigation 
  3. (25 points) Sample of  class work
  4. (25 points) Reflections on class work
  5. (5 points) Resume
  6. (30 points) MDE reflections


Total points for research project is 100.

80% <= B < 90%

90% <= A <= 100%

You will need at least a B to get a PASS on your e-portfolio.


You will need a PASS on BOTH research project and e-portfolio activities to get a PASS in this course. Have in mind that this course has penalties for late submissions.


Here are the rubrics for your two final deliverables in this class can be found below:

Rubric for Research Paper

Rubric for e-portfolio


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